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Electronic Control Top Homogenizer Bidirectional Mixing Vacuum Emulsifying for Cream Lotion Skincare Cosmetic Machinery

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The machine is made up of pretreatment boiler (oil boiler, water boiler), vacuum emulsification blending boiler, vacuum pump, pouringout system, electric control system or steam heating system and workable. 5-2000L vacuum emulsifying machine for Cosmetics, cream, ointment, lotion, skin care products etc.

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Product Introduction

1. High speed rotor endows the material with high centrifugal speed and great centrifugal force. When slowing down instantaneously, the material suffers the associative action of cavitation, detonation, shearing and grinding. Meanwhile, the material is imbibed from upside of the homogenizer and erupted from the sideward plug hole. By the combined action of the stirrer along the vessel wall, granule spreads homogeneously and uniformly and the degree of uniformity shall come up to more than 99%.

2. Very small aperture between stator and rotor shall assure the effect of grinding, shearing, mixing and emulsifying of the material and avoid colliding and friction during the rotor rotates with high speed.

Technical Parameter

Model Capacity Homogenizer Motor Stir Motor Dimension Total Power Limit vacuum(Mpa)
KW r/min KW r/min Length(mm) Width(mm) Height(mm) Steam heating Electric heating
SME-C5 5L 0.37 3000 0.18 63 1260 540 1600/1850 2 5 -0.09
SME-C10 10L 0.75 3000 0.37 63 1300 580 1600/1950 3 6 -0.09
SME-C50 50L 3 3000 1.1 63 2600 2250 1950/2700 9 18 -0.09
SME-C100 100L 4 3000 1.5 63 2750 2380 2100/2950 13 32 -0.09
SME-C200 200L 5.5 3000 2.2 63 2750 2750 2350/3350 15 45 -0.09
SME-C300 300L 7.5 3000 2.2 63 2900 2850 2450/3500 18 49 -0.085
SME-C500 500L 11 3000 4 63 3650 3300 2850/4000 24 63 -0.08
SME-C1000 1000L 15 3000 5.5 63 4200 3650 3300/4800 30 90 -0.08
SME-C2000 2000L 15 3000 7.5 63 4850 4300 3800/5400 40 _ -0.08
Note: In case of inconformity of the data in the table due to technical improvement or customization,the real object shall prevail



Daily cosmetic

hair conditioner

facial mask

moisturizing lotion


skin care

shea butter

body lotion

sunscreen cream


hair cream

cosmetic paste

BB Cream


face wash liquid



hair color

face cream

eye serum

hair gel

hair dye

lip balm


lip gloss



highly viscous product


cosmetic toner

hand cream

shaving cream

moisturizing cream



milk butter




peanut butter





Salad dressing


Product Details

Two -way mixing with frame scraping wall 2
Two -way mixing with frame scraping wall

The homogenizing stirring system of SME-C bidirectional stirring vacuum emulsifier is composed of high-speed homogenizer shear, center stirring paddle and scraping stirring frame. High shear homogenizer can quickly refine the material. When it comes to sticky products, the stirring function of the single homogenizer is not so significant, but with the center mixing and box scraping of two-way mixing, the high-speed shear of the homogenizer can be faster and more efficient, and the full volume of materials can be quickly stirred without dead corners.

Button Controlled

Shape of the Blender Blades: Two -way mixing with frame scraping wall Button Controlled: Each button has it own function, adjust mixing speed, etc

PLC Control cabinet

PLC control electric cabinet (clear line layout,high performance)


Cover parts(pressure meter, sight glass lamp, suck material inlet,manhole, etc)

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Our Advantage

With many years of experience in domestic and international installation, SINAEKATO has successively undertaken the integral installation of hundreds of large-sized projects.

Our company provides internationally top-ranking professional project installation experience and management experience.

Our after-sales service personnel have practical experience in equipment use and maintenance and receive systemic trainings.

We are sincerely providing customers from home and abroad with machinery & equipment, cosmetic raw materials, packing materials, technical consultation and other service.

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cooperative client

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